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Xa vimos esa entrada dun val, concello e rio galego, Dubra.

Revisitámolo agora e facémolo incluso galo.

*dubro- 'dark' [Adj]
GOlD: Mlr. dobur [0] 'black, unclean'
W: MW dwfr, dwr [m] (GPC dWr) 'water'
BRET: MBret. dour
CO: Co. dour
GAUL: Dubra, Uerno-dubrum [Toponym]
PIE: *d~bh- 'black' (IEW: 263ff.)
COGN: Go. daufs 'deaf, Gr. typhlos 'blind'
SEE: *dubu- 'black'
ETYM: OIr. has also the substantivized adjective dobur 'water' (DIL D-218), which presumably developed from the syntagm 'dark water', or 'deep water' (cf. PCelt. *dubno- 'deep'). A similar development also occurred in Brittonic, and (probably) Gaulish.

Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic by Ranko Matasovic  (LEIDEN • BOSTON) 2009

Antes víamolo como negro desde Dubh, en Actual Irish, agora desde escuro, negro, profundo, incluso desde augas profundas, ou augas escuras...